Online Mindful Yoga Courses

Chakra Course

An online course made up of seven sessions.  Each session explores one of the seven Chakras.  The Chakras are the energy centres that lie along the length of the spine and form the basis of both yogic and Ayurvedic Philosophy.  

In each session we will practice elements that relate to each Chakra such as :

  • Yoga Asanas/Postures

  • Mudras/Hand Gestures

  • Psychological Aspects

In this way each session will build upon the last to create a holistic system and provide practical tools to support our wellbeing through balancing out the different energy systems.  

By the end of the course we will gain a sense of balance, groundedness, connection unity through linking and balancing these different aspects of the body, mind heart.

Cost of this online course is just £50.  Pay via PayPal and you will be sent a link to the 7 sessions.