Yoga and Mindfulness Workshops


Online Yoga Workshops:

I am developed three online workshops which you can purchase and follow in your own time from the comfort of your own home:

Yoga for Cyclists 

Whilst cycling offers many health benefits, it also create tension and stiffness in the muscles of the legs, hips, back and shoulders. During this two hour workshop, we will work to release the legs - hamstrings, quadriceps and the psoas muscle (hip flexor), bring more mobility to the spine and open the shoulders and chest. This is a slow paced class, suitable for beginners to yoga.

Cost £20

Yoga for Healthy Backs 

Most people will suffer from back ache at some point in their life, whether you spend a lot of your time sat at a desk or standing on your feet, have poor posture or are recovering after a mild injury. During this two hour workshop we will work to release the back with forward bends and twists, support the lower back by strengthening core muscles and free up chest and shoulders with gentle back bends. Yoga postures for all, beginners welcome, although if you are suffering from a serious back problem and find it difficult to lie or sit on the floor, please contact us first.

Cost £20

Yoga Nidra: Sleep of the Yogi 

Discover the practice of Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation practice through relaxation. Yoga Nidra is widely used therapeutically as a way to manage many conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and insomnia. In this three hour workshop we will explore three type of yoga nidra meditations from three different yoga traditions. There will be time for a short break and discussions between each practice. This is a wonderful opportunity to slow yourself down, let yourself rest, and explore a new way of meditation which is effortless. Please have a blanket and a pillow with you to ensure you stay warm throughout.

Cost £25


During the COVID 19 restricted period, I have joined a collective of Bristol Mindfulness Practitioners to create Bristol Mindfulness.  We are a collective of Mindfulness Practitioners who all meet the BAMBA Good Practice Guidelines regarding teaching mindfulness and we are offering support sessions to anyone who has completed an 8 week mindfulness course or who has a regular contemplative practice.  These sessions take place three times a week to meet the differing needs of the public.  You can book on via Eventbrite and donate whatever you can.


The Mindfulness Support Sessions are taking place as follows:


Monday and Wednesday evening 7-8pm via Zoom

If you would like to book a place or talk more about any upcoming workshops, call Claire-Louise on 07949399633 or email

Here are a couple of links to other well reputed Mindfulness Organisations that are also running support sessions for the General Public:

Mindfulness Network -

Oxford Mindfulness Centre -

Free Mindfulness Organisation -