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Mindfulness for Parents & Carers
Our Mindfulness Course for Parents and Carers helps you to respond calmly when stressed, leading to healthier relationships and more fulfilling lives. It enables you to develop inner strength in the face of stress, anxiety and illness.  Therefore you are more able to pause, see the situation more clearly and choose to respond rather than our usual pattern of immediate and automatic reacting.
The major benefits of mindfulness are:
  • Increased ability to act effectively under high levels of stress
  • Reduced levels of pain, anxiety and depression
  • Improved relationship to self and others and increased self confidence
To wholly understand their 'true nature' we must look behind what is being presented to us.  We can learn to attune ourselves to the true experience in front of us being in that moment and therefore learn how to cultivate optimal relationships with our children through scientifically proven mindfulness techniques.
Using the evidence based Mindful Parenting by Susan Bogels, this course builds on the most precious gift we can offer, our true presence.
We have a Mindfulness for Parents courses starting soon.  To book a place, please contact us via
Mindful Maintenance – Mindful Retreat Days and Top Ups
These sessions were developed to continue to support parents and carers to manage stress appropriately within your family lives.
These days and evening sessions support parents to continue to use mindfulness practices to maintain an inner calm from within.  Therefore managing your feelings when it comes to the stresses of family lives and relating to your children more calmly.
When you become a mindful parent, you are able to cultivate awareness and notice what is truly happening.  This ‘noticing’ allows you to be aware of what is going on for you as a parent and you can therefore give yourself permission to feel whatever emotion is there.
This simple act allows you to be responsive rather than reactive which often results in calmer and happier families. Please get in touch to find out more about these ongoing sessions.
We have a Mindfulness for Parents courses starting soon.  You can book a place online, or contact us to find out more via
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