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Yoga Courses, Workshops and Retreats


Yoga Workshops:

The following live workshops are taking place at the Bristol Folk House:

Soften Soothe Allow

This workshop will combine mindful movement (yoga based poses) with some mindfulness based techniques to explore and connect what is going on in the mind with that of the body. We will learn how to pause and feel into the body and then base our movement on what is showing up. In this way we learn to listen to the body and work with it. Therefore, supporting us to soften, soothe and allow. In this way we learn how to follow the breath, flow with that wavelike movement in a holistic and joined up manner. We are then able to move more softly, mindfully, and kind-fully taking care of our mind, body and heart.

Time:  10am - 1pm

Date:  Saturday 25th November 2023

Cost:  £25.60 - £32.00

Yoga for Healthy Backs

Most people will suffer from back ache at some point in their life, whether you spend a lot of your time sat at a desk or standing on your feet, have poor posture or are recovering after a mild injury. During this workshop we will work to release the back with forward bends and twists, support the lower back by strengthening core muscles and free up chest and shoulders with gentle back bends. Yoga postures for all, beginners welcome, although if you are suffering from a serious back problem and find it difficult to lie or sit on the floor, please contact us first.

Time:  2 - 4pm

Date:  Saturday 25th November 2023

Cost:  £18.40 - £23

Yoga for Cyclists

Whilst cycling offers many health benefits, it also creates tension and stiffness in the muscles of the legs, hips, back and shoulders. During this workshop, we will work to release the legs - hamstrings, quadriceps and the psoas muscle (hip flexor), bring more mobility to the spine and open the shoulders and chest. This is a slow-paced class, suitable for beginners to yoga.

Time:  2 - 4pm

Date:  Sunday 26th November 2023

Cost:  £25.60 - £32.00

Mindfulness Day Retreat
This is a led day of mindfulness practice and is open to anyone who has completed and 8 week mindfulness course or who has a regular contemplative practice and would like to maintain or deepen their practice.  The day is run in a quiet, country setting with free time over lunch to have a walk and connect with nature.
There is a retreat day especially for parents on 8th October from 10.30 - 4.30 at The Old Library on Muller Rd, Eastville.  You can attend from 10.30 - 1.30 as well.  There is also a half day retreat for parents on 21st May at the Old Library too  You can find out more and book via Eventbrite.
There are also retreat days for the general public that are being run by a group of mindfulness practitioners that I'm involved with (Bristol Mindfulness) that are holding retreats on the following Sundays :
24th September 10.30 - 4.30 Stanton Drew Village Hall - book here
Recorded Online Yoga and Mindfulness Courses:

You can access pre-recorded courses from my shop.

I currently have courses on:

  • The Principles of Yoga

  • The Chakras

Recorded Online Yoga and Mindfulness Workshops:

You can access pre-recorded workshops from my shop.

I currently have workshops on:

  • Yoga for Cyclists

  • Yoga for Healthy Backs

  • Yoga Nidra (the sleep of Yoga)

  • Mind, Body Connection

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