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Our bodies deal with pressure and strain by triggering the 'fight or flight' response.  The stresses of modern-day living can result in this response being constantly triggered, which can lead to health issues including chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety, physical collapse or even heart attack. 


Restorative yoga techniques can be used to support the nervous system to switch off the 'fight or flight' response when it is not needed and return the body to a balance and calm state which then promotes healing.

Sessions take place in my clinic at home but I can also travel to you.
I trained in Yoga Therapy with the Inner Yoga Trust in and I also studied anatomy and physiology to enhance my knowledge and understanding of the body.
The sessions last between 1-2 hours with a consultation before the initial session.
The sessions are adapted to fit your personal requirement and cost: 
  • £45 per hour
  • £60 per hour and a half
  • £80 for a two hour
Please get in touch if you want further information or would like to book a session. You can now book sessions directly online.
Restorative Yoga
Body Scan and Yoga Nidra
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