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Our bodies deal with pressure and strain by triggering the 'fight or flight' response.  The stresses of modern-day living can result in this response being constantly triggered, which can lead to health issues including chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety, physical collapse or even heart attack. 


Restorative yoga techniques can be used to support the nervous system to switch off the 'fight or flight' response when it is not needed and return the body to a balance and calm state which then promotes healing.

​Restorative Yoga helps us to explore how the body and mind connect.  It therefore enables us to become aware of bad habits which result in poor posture and ill health.  With this new awareness we can relearn correct body alignment which results in ease and wellbeing.
These individually tailored sessions are designed to explore the way we stand, move and hold ourselves in everyday life, in order to bring about alignment of the spine, connection within the body and mind, therefore creating a sense of ease and wellbeing.
I work in a deep yet gentle way  with the body to help create space in the joints, bring life to the spine and develop a wonderful sense of being more connected to the earth through using mindful movement, restorative postures and breath awareness.​
You can read testimonials from other clients to get a clearer idea of what is involved.
Please get in touch if you need further information or want to book a session.  Sessions cost £30 per hour.  You can book 1:1 yoga therapy sessions online.
I have further information on my Restorative Yoga Website