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Bristol 2013

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed Claire-Louise's yoga sessions.

They have permeated every area of my life. This is the one night of the week that I actually sleep soundly and I'm sure it's due to the deep restorative relaxation session Claire-Louise guides us through. I have learnt the most amazing insights into the power of breathing - just breathe and stress goes! and the shoulders drop!

This has been a powerful tool on the walk to work every day, as I now arrive regenerated, energized and best of all happy! I'm more aware of my body and my ultimate journey too, and this has been welcome counsel. Thanks Claire-Louise.


​Bristol 2013

One aspect that I enjoy about Claire-Louise's sessions is the easy and personal atmosphere which is nurtured.  Since starting the sessions, I have become aware of how my posture has been having a negative effect in my everyday life.  I have learned how correct posture and breathing is central to my well-being and is in turn relaxing, which builds confidence.

The positions are explained with clarity and gentleness and this has enabled me to bring the practice to my daily life.  There are times where I can really feel my body, when I'm trying and not trying at the same time, I'm just really in it!

I may walk into the sessions with Claire-Louise tired and irritable but I always walk out refreshed, relaxed and have the best night's sleep of the week!


Bristol 2017

I can highly recommend Claire-Louise’s weekly Restorative Yoga sessions that I have recently attended at the Old Library on a Monday.  Claire-Louise patiently eases us all in to “arrive in the space” after we all arrive in differing states of tiredness and stress and takes the time to ask us all how we are feeling and how our weeks have been. Then that often frazzled Monday evening feeling gradually melts away as she takes us clearly and step by step through a varied range of  standing/sitting/kneeling/even lying mat routines, explaining as we go which areas of the body will benefit, and I certainly do feel the benefits in terms of feeling calmer in my mind no matter what may have been on it before coming to class and most of all the next day when I really do feel much more supple, loosened up and energised. Now I am very much looking forward to continuing next term with Claire-Louise’s new Mindfulness Class which will incorporate some yoga making it a perfect blend.

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