Mindfulness and yoga to find balance
and restore health & wellbeing

The art of yoga is at the heart of yoga.

Our bodies are like a unique and exquisite instrument: exploring how we move is like learning to play music.


Engaging our curiosity whilst moving with the breath is like experimenting with melody, tone, volume and pitch. In this way our practice can become more like a meditative dance where the breath, body, mind and soul are interconnected and we become more in tune with ourselves, each other, the earth.

Through exploring our bodies in this way, we can truly know ourselves and connect with the world in a more authentic, peaceful and joyful way. The body can begin to heal itself from pain and disease that results from continued stress and strain.​ We can become truly in tune with ourselves.

I offer yoga and mindfulness for adults and families, alongside yoga therapy and Thai yoga massage. I run regular retreat days and weekendsmindfulness courses and workshops.


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Mindful Yoga 4 All Student

"I like the way you check out our  personal concerns and build that into the practice. 

I really like the way you focus on each bit of the body from the toes up."  

Anna, Restorative Yoga Student

Claire-Louise patiently eases us all in to “arrive in the space” after we all arrive in differing states of tiredness and stress and takes the time to ask us all how we are feeling and how our weeks have been.

Louise 1:1 Therapy

This is the one night of the week that I actually sleep soundly and I'm sure it's due to the deep restorative relaxation session Claire-Louise guides us through. I have learnt the most amazing insights into the power of breathing - just breathe and stress goes and the shoulders drop!