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Chakra Course to balance your energy

Over the last few months during the COVID 19 Pandemic, I have been exploring working with the Chakras (wheels of energy). I found this way of working through the Chakras very therapeutic and healing personally. It helped me to feel more balanced, emotionally resilient and clarified where there may be some energetic blocks.

I decided to use this as a basis for teaching over the last couple of terms to support others managing energy fluctuations during these months of pandemic and lockdown as we struggle to deal with the ups and downs and changing circumstances that it continues to bring.

I have put these sessions together to create a seven session series looking at each Chakra in turn from the base to the crown, exploring postures, mudras (hand gestures), sitting practices and relaxations.

If you would like to explore this indoor own time then head over to my Course Page to find out more.

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